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Techstars Global Startup Weekend Pune 2017

Techstars Startup Weekend  (TGSW) is a global grassroots movement for entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It has held 2900+ events in 149+ countries around the world. Participants pitch an idea in a minute, form teams, and then build a prototype ready for the market. They also get to … Continue reading

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Modeling results reveal that glucose and insulin may not be central to type 2 diabetes

The glucose-insulin connection in type 2 diabetes mellitus is well established and the treatment regime is centered on lowering glucose levels through insulin. With the best available treatment being a combination of medication and changes in lifestyle, a cure for diabetes has been eluding us. Prof. Milind Watve’s group at IISER Pune has studied the … Continue reading

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IISER and IUCAA sign MoU for new Gravitational Physics and Astronomy Centre

IISER Pune has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) to jointly establish a Centre for Gravitational Physics and Astronomy (CGPA). This field has become a major active frontier of physical science and an attractive portal for young researchers to enter scientific research. The MoU between the two … Continue reading

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Asian Scientist Writing Merit Award to Harshini Tekur

Harshini Tekur, PhD student in Physics at IISER Pune, has been selected for a Merit Prize at the Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2017 competition. Open to all across Asia, this science writing competition invites non-fiction articles of ~1500 words covering any scientific discipline. The 2017 competition received 227 entries of which a total of 26 … Continue reading

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Dr Thomas Pucadyil named HHMI International Scholar

Dr Thomas Pucadyil, Associate Professor in Biology at IISER Pune, has been chosen as an International Research Scholar by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). He is one of the 41 scientists from sixteen countries chosen this year from over 1400 applications. The selection for this award that funds exceptional early-career scientists carrying out biomedical … Continue reading

Research News

Tuning the universality class of quantum spin chains

In the introductory solid state physics courses, lattice vibrations in a crystal are typically introduced by considering first a hypothetical one-dimensional chain of atoms, which can be solved fully making it easier to grasp the idea of phonons (quanta of lattice waves) without really worrying about the complexities of a real three-dimensional crystal. The ditto … Continue reading