New in Campus

Bhaskara Lab Inaugurated on Mathematics Floor

Bhaskara Lab – a new computer lab is being set up at IISER Pune.

It is being established under the Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST) scheme of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India. The fund is meant for universities and higher education institutions to strengthen their facilities and infrastructure, thereby enhancing science and technology education in the country.

Bhaskara Lab, located at Room 408 on top floor of the Main Academic Building, was inaugurated on 10th of May, 2017 by Prof KN Ganesh (Director, IISER Pune). The inauguration was followed by a hands-on lecture/workshop by Prof. Akanksha Kashikar from the Department of Statistics, University of Pune on the software “R” that is used in statistical computations.

Among other things, the lab will be used for instructional workshops on various computational softwares in the world of Mathematics.

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