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Dr VG Anand Wins CRSI Bronze Medal

Dr. VG Anand, Associate Professor of Chemistry at IISER Pune, has won the Bronze Medal of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI).

V G Anand

Dr VG Anand

The CRSI is a professional body established in 1999 with an aim to facilitate and promote research and education in all branches of chemistry. It is a premier professional chemical society of India. The Society organises symposia, events, etc and also give various awards, including gold, sliver and bronze medals to recognise excellence in the field.

Dr Anand is one of the winners of the CRSI Bronze Medal for 2017. His group’s research is focussed on design, synthesis and characterization of anti-aromatic macrocycles and stable organic radicals. You can learn more about Dr Anand’s work here.

Dr M.Jayakannan and Dr Srinivas Hotha, both faculty members at IISER Pune, have also received the CRSI Bronze Medal earlier.

We congratulate Dr VG Anand on his achievement wish him the best for his future endeavours.

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